Studio Arts

The Studio Arts courses of Metàfora are based on a multidisciplinary structure of 4 different levels. It is aimed at students from beginners level to advanced artistic practice.

Each level can be taken as an independent degree: Foundation Studies in Studio Arts, Certificate in Studio Arts, Diploma in Studio Arts and Advanced Diploma in Studio Arts.

The courses of visual arts of Metàfora can be of short duration or of several years.

Art Therapy

In 1999 Metàfora began the first Master’s degree in Art Therapy in Spain. Few years’ later former students and teachers of Metàfora founded the The Spanish Association for Art Therapist “ATe” (Asociación professional española de arteterapeutas)

Most of our programs and courses are instructed in Spanish, but the Summer Intensive and “Art & Process” are taught in English. We have a range of courses from Foundation courses to a one year Postgraduate Diploma and a two years Master’s in Art Therapy.

Living in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the cities with the major life-quality in the world. The climate, gastronomy, lifestyle and cultural events position the city at top-ranking.

Barcelona welcomes an important number art institutions. As a part of this rich ecosystem Metàfora is a meeting place for international students and artists.

Our intention is to offer our students an experience where the city itself and the contacts between Metàfora’s students and collaborators become a unique experience.